How to troubleshoot Mini tablet crash?

2021-08-24 14:24:07 hrt 7

How to troubleshoot Mini tablet crash?

In the application process of mini tablet, it is inevitable that there will be all kinds of fault problems, such as crash. How can we solve it? Xiaobian will show you.

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Ambient temperature causes:

The working hours of mini tablets are usually longer than those of ordinary tablets. Under long-time operation, the temperature inside the mini tablet will be higher. Excessive internal and external temperatures can easily lead to tablet crash and component damage. Therefore, how to heat the tablet should be considered at the beginning of the design of the mini tablet,

The internal heat dissipation of the mini tablet depends on the powerful heat dissipation system of the tablet itself, and the external ambient temperature also needs to be controlled by the user. Hongruitu intelligent 7-inch industrial tablet has wide adaptability to various ambient temperatures. It can be used in areas such as the north with low temperature, the South with high temperature and humidity all year round, and the working temperature can reach 10 ℃ to 70 ℃. In addition, Hongruitu intelligent manufacturers can also customize 7-21.5-inch industrial tablets and support OEM / ODM.

Too many cache files. Reason:

The continuous work of the mini tablet will produce a large number of cache files, such as temp files, which occupy a large number of hard disk and system resources and have a great impact on the running speed of the mini tablet. At ordinary times, it is necessary to regularly check the hard disk and clean up temporary files to improve the running speed of industrial tablet computers and avoid crash failures.